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Teleradiology Services

Our comprehensive Teleradiology services ensure that you get your results whenever and wherever. We are a full-time Teleradiology service!

Virtual Locums

For a flat daily service charges fee, you can get final reads for emergencies or when you are away from work.

Fractional FTE

If you need extra support for your Teleradiology or radiology services, we can help part-time or on a regular basis through our fractional FTE services.

Subspecialty Reads

Our subspecialty reads can give you a solution custom designed for your specific needs!

Peer Review

If you are looking for improving your performance, you can use our independent peer reviews as we communicate critical results and monitor turnaround times.

Preliminary Reads

On-site radiologists get to read the results the very next day!

Over Reads

Providing over reads and second opinions to give medical practitioners an extra level of confidence with their results.

Final Reads

We offer around the clock staff to perform final reads as we can work with you to create a customized workflow plan that suits you best. Our subspecialty readers and radiologists are always alert and fresh.

Cost-Effective and Simple to Implement

Providing nighthawk coverage for any circumstances.

Subspecialty Reads

Subspecialty reads including but not restricted to Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, and Musculoskeletal.

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