What are the system/connectivity requirements?2018-07-18T12:07:09+00:00

A broadband internet connection is all that is required. Our thin client web based technology means typically no special hardware or software is necessary. In rare circumstances it may be necessary to have a simple gateway installed on site.

What are the hours of coverage?2018-07-18T12:06:38+00:00

Coverage can be customized to your needs and is available 24/7 day and night including weekends and holidays.

How do referring physicians communicate with Modern Teleradiology?2018-07-18T12:05:50+00:00

Reports are sent by fax and available online or by electronic interface. Email and text notifications are available. Our radiologists are standing by for consultation via our toll-free number. We telephone critical findings promptly.

What is the expected turnaround time?2018-09-18T00:32:33+00:00

Our turnaround time for STAT studies is within 30 minutes.

What are the educational and training requirements of your radiologists?2018-07-18T12:04:58+00:00

Our radiologists are graduates of ACGME accredited residency programs and are certified by The American Board of Radiology. Many are fellowship trained.

What is the fee structure, and are there any start-up costs?2018-07-18T12:04:15+00:00

Modern Teleradiology has no minimum fee requirement. Our fees are based on a simple rate according to the number of studies interpreted. We can also bill insurance directly.

How do I apply for a job with you?2018-07-18T12:00:03+00:00

Initial applications can be easily made using our simple online submission located on the home page.