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Modern Teleradiology is a professional radiology service provider. We have been providing quality services to imaging centers, hospitals, mobile imaging companies and numerous other healthcare centers all over the country.  Our team of experienced radiologists are board-certified and based in the United States to ensure a smooth experience for our clients. We offer both preliminary and final reports for X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound through our Teleradiology coverage solutions.

With Modern Teleradiology, it is possible to provide radiology services to various medical outlets in a timely manner. Whether they are radiology groups, hospitals, imaging centers or clinic, we at Modern Teleradiology ensure that we meet the challenge of today’s turnaround time requests.  Our goal is to maintain quality, while improving accuracy and decreasing turnaround time. Hence, we utilize state of the art equipment to share results in time. Moreover, we comply with the relevant HIPPA, ACR, HL7, and DICOM standards

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Our comprehensive Teleradiology services ensure that you get your results whenever and wherever. We are a full-time Teleradiology service!





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